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About Us

Welcome to the Members Area of NAFAO online. We hope that you find your visit both interesting and informative. The site has been going through some major changes and there are more to come.

The main changes are regarding presentation rather than content, so you'll still be able to find all the information that was here before the changes.

We also think you'll like some of the additions to the site. We now have a members forum for instance, where you can chat with other members, post queries, follow current disussions, catch up with news and more. We would appreciate your feedback on the changes, and the forum is just the place to do it.

It takes a few moments to register and once you have, you'll get an email that you need to reply to before you can use it. This is for security reasons.

Follow the links to the left to navigate the site. If there's something missing that you would like, please give us your feedback, this is your site.